Christmas Kettle Campaign - Week 4 Update!


Greetings Kettlers,

There are now less than two weeks remaining in the campaign. We want to take this time to remind you that the last two weeks of the campaign are when we will be receiving most of our donations. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more likely the public is to donate! You might already be noticing this at the kettles that you're running.

This also means that no-shows or last minute cancellations have an even larger impact than in previous weeks. So please double check your schedule to ensure nothing conflicts with your kettle shift! If you do need to cancel, please do let us know as much in advance as possible. Again thank you for your continued support, we can't make this happen without you!

Did You Know? Two no shows a day are equal to an estimated loss of $200/day. Over the course of the campaign, this number can total more than $6,400!

Campaign Update

Together we have surpassed the 50% mark in the campaign. This means we have raised over $150,000 thus far. There is still much work to do, and we are always looking for more volunteers! If you know of anyone who is interested, please direct them to our Kettle Hotline (613-531-5918) Or if you find you have free time, this is when we could use you the most!

Also Note: We are losing the 24th of December this year as this date falls on a Sunday. This is a crucial day for the campaign, but we are taking the extra initiative to ensure we minimize the loss. See below.

Upcoming Events

Community Leaders day is just around the corner! This Friday (December 15th) with the help of local media we will be bringing to light a few of the many Kingstonians who are working around the clock everyday making your city better. Stop by your local Costco and Loblaw’s - Kingston Centre to show your support for the event!

Pilot Project – Update

This past Saturday (December 9th) we successfully implemented the digital device at both the Loblaw’s – Kingston Centre and the downtown Holiday Market. Kingstonians seem open to debit and credit donations. We have already seen a positive response just this Saturday. We will continue to test this at locations we believe will be the best fit for these devices and will keep you updated on the status!

Shift Booking

If you’re looking to book shifts for tomorrow or other days carrying forwards, please stay up to date with our daily newsletters. These newsletters detail each and every shift that needs to be filled! If you’re looking to book ahead, you can always view the available shifts on our website.

Once again, thank you for all of your commitment. This campaign is both an iconic and necessary part of the Salvation Army and what we stand for, and we know it wouldn’t be possible without you.

With Sincere Thanks,

Your 2017 Kettle Team

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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