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2016 Kingston Christmas Kettles
Goal Achieved!

The Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign is happy to announce that we have achieved and surpassed our goal of $290,000. As of December 27, The Christmas Kettle Campaign achieved $310,000, raising $20,000 over our original target. These funds were donated by thousands of citizens throughout our city to support those families and individuals who, do a variety of circumstance, are in danger of going without the necessities of life. It is now the duty of The Salvation Army of Kingston to put these resources to work to keep the fire of hope alive throughout our city.

The funds raised through the kettle campaign will support the ongoing operations at our Kingston Citadel Community & Family Services Centre and our Salvation Army Rideau Heights location. The services we offer at these locations include our after school program, gathering place day shelter, housing support program, community pantry, and many more. Because of the generosity of those throughout our city these initiative will continue to operate and will continue to provide a helping hand to thousands of Kingston’s citizens.

The Salvation Army would like to thank Kingston’s media outlets for helping to spread the word regarding our campaign. The radio stations, newspapers, online sources, and TV station truly work for the betterment of this community and provide us a voice particularly in times of great need.

Our ultimate success was due to the dozens of organizations hosting our campaign, our team of over six hundred volunteers who stood by our kettles, and the tens of thousands of Kingstonians who donated to our cause. Our sincere thanks goes out to all who supported this campaign.

On behalf of all of those who at the Salvation Army, thank you for allowing us to continue serve.

Sam MacLeod
2016 Kettle Campaign Manager

CKWS TV Interview

For most Canadians the Salvation Army is synonymous with Christmas.

Every year scattered throughout the city you see the red kettles and hear the sleigh bells ringing.
The money raised goes to a range of programs offered by the Salvation Army helping thousands in the community.
Darryn Davis has an update on how this years kettle campaign is going…..

Dimes, nickels, quarters, loonies and toonies…small denominations all adding up to a big difference in the Kingston community.
But it’s not the only way to donate to the Salvation Army’s Kettle campaign.
“People can call us with a donation we can take credit cards and things in the office.” “We have people waiting at that phone or on the phone lines i guess, you know to process those credit cards, we also have an on-line donation portal.”
The kettle campaign is heading into it’s final week and with the push on the Salvation Army is getting some help from some high profile community members from the business world.
“This time of year when a lot of people in our community are less fortunate and I can spend an hour of my time encouraging people to donate to the salvation army, I was really happy to do that. ”
To the military…
“The government sends us all over the world to help people in need and if it’s an opportunity to help people in need in our own country what a great opportunity.”
To politicians…
“We don’t want anybody to be left behind and the fact is the holiday season is a time where there are families in our community that are struggling and so this is a great initiative a great effort where we can all come together.”
“With only a week left in the campaign the salvation army is still 120 thousand dollars short of it’s overall goal of 290 thousand dollars.”
“If we make our goal we can continue to provide the same services, if we exceed our goal we can maybe increase our services a little, if we come under our goal we have to cut our services a little which could be a sort of tragic thing to happen .”
The Jerome Taylor Auto Mall helped inch The Salvation Army closer to it’s goal with a seven thousand dollar donation.
“You want to donate so that everyone can have a meal on their table during dinner and I’ve definitely been a supporter for the hamper campaign, it’s something that we’ve always done so I think that’s why we do it every year. ”
The kettle campaign wraps up Christmas eve.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston

You've Walked Past This a Dozen Times, but Have You Stopped?

You may have stopped to put a coin or two inside one of the Salvation Army's Christmas Kettles, but have you ever stopped to consider where your money is going?

Station 14 talked to one of the friendly faces behind the kettle and we were suprised by what we learned!

Pathways for donation are as follows:

  • Online donations can be made through Canada Helps.
  • Cheques can be hand delivered or mailed to our Kingston Citadel location, 816 Centennial Drive, Kingston.
  • Credit Card donations can be made over the phone by calling: 613-548-1600 ex 163.

December 19, 2016.

Volunteers key to Kettle Campaign - 2016

Kettle team Whig
The kettle bells will be ringing for the start of the holiday season starting this Friday with the launch of the Salvation Army’s annual Kettle Campaign.

The goal for the 2016 Kettle Campaign is to raise $290,000.

“That’s about $6,000 more than we raised last year,” Sam MacLeod, Kingston’s new Kettle Campaign co-ordinator, said.

All the funds raised from the holiday kettles go to fund the operations of the variety of Salvation Army programs throughout the year.

“The Salvation Army provides food, clothes, furniture and other essential services to thousands of individuals and families in need throughout the Kingston area,” MacLeod said. “We rely heavily on funds raised through the Kettle Campaign to provide our ongoing services.”

The learning curve is steep for MacLeod.

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